Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy (MACA)

Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy (MACA) is responsible for managing training programmes to enhance competency and professionalism of MACC officers and staff. MACA is also responsible for providing training programmes in various fields, such as investigation, prosecution, intelligence, prevention, consultancy and management. The division comprises of several centres and schools, which manage their respective fields of study as follows:

  • Centre for International Studies
  • Basic Training Centre
  • Centre for Corporate Corruption Prevention Compliance
  • Centre for Corporate Integrity Development
  • Centre for Planning, Research and Corporate
  • MACC Centre of Excellence and Leadership
  • School of Investigation and Forensics
  • School of Intelligence and Detection
  • School of Law and Prosecution
  • School of Corruption Prevention and Management
  • Management Division
  • MACA Language Center
  • Accreditation Secretariate Centre

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For any enquiries, please contact the following Division Liaison Officer:

No. Name Phone Email(
 1. Liaison Officer 03-6209 2801 ppg1
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