Report Corruption

Quality Information Guidance

  1. Ensure that the information provided is under the jurisdiction of the MACC as the MACC can only act on information within its jurisdiction. Learn more on MACC’s jurisdiction.
  2. Provide information that can lead to corruption offences. The following key points MUST be highlighted to ensure quality of the information
  3. The MACC also receives information from anonymous persons. However, it is advisable to include contact details of the complainant as it will help us to act promptly and effectively on the information provided. Furthermore, by providing your name and contact details such as e-mail or contact number, the complainant will be able to check on the status of the information provided through the Complaints Management System.
  4. There’s no need to be afraid. You are protected. Whistleblowers are protected under the MACC Act 2009 as well as the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010. Learn more about these acts

Corruption Information Management in MACC

  1. The information will be screened to identify these criteria :
    • under the jurisdiction of the MACC;
    • can be acted upon/investigated;
    • the information is too general and/or without contact details;
    • additional information is required from the whistleblower/complainant
  2. Upon screening, the selected information will be forwarded to the Information Review Committee (IEC) for further action.
  3. The IEA meeting is held daily and chaired by the Deputy Chief Commissioner (Operation). Members of this committee comprises of selected Division Directors of the MACC.

The Importance to Provide Information on Corruption

  • Bureaucracy, injustice, destruction, and many other negative implications of corruption affect individuals, the family, the community and the nation. Read related articles.
  • To reduce leakages in Government revenue that could have been utilised for the development of communities and the nation.
  • Every individual must take the initiative to report on corruption as prescribed in the MACC Act 2009. Learn more about these acts.
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