MACC Code Of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) combines moral values with the uniformed deeds and actions to guide MACC officers to perform their duties and responsibilities with the objective to:-

  • Strengthen the level of integrity of MACC officers in the execution of their duties and responsibilities; and
  • Clarify permissible and non-permissible actions by MACC officers in accordance to the enforced policies, guidelines and the law

INTEGRITY is a core element in the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the MACC. The core values of integrity upholding the MACC in shaping the "MACC Values" are : Trustworthy, Firm, Fair, Independent, Transparent and Professional. In addition, positive values such as Discipline, Cooperation, Loyalty and Commitment also form the "MACC Values" to be consistently upheld by all MACC officers in executing their duties and responsibilities.

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