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Jeli PUSPEN Committed to Fight Corruption, Instil Integrity through IBR

KOTA BHARU, 21 Apr – The Jeli Narcotics Addiction Rehabilitation Centre (PUSPEN) Kelantan answer's Kelantan MACC's call by organising the Corruption-Free Pledge (IBR) ceremony and Anti-Corruption Talk held for the first time to manifest their support towards MACC's effort in fighting corruption.

The IBR ceremony was led by Mr. Aman Mustapha, Director of Jeli PUSPEN, Kelantan and witnessed by KPKPj Rosli Husain, Director of Kelantan MACC. 50 officers and staff of Jeli PUSPEN also participated in signing and taking the IBR as a promise to avoid corruption.

Mr Aman Mustapha, Director of Jeli PUSPEN stated that the IBR ceremony is the commitment and aspiration of the entire Jeli PUSPEN workforce as an agency free from all forms of corruption.

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