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JAKIM Signs IBR as a Sign of Commitment to Fight Corruption with MACC

PUTRAJAYA, 4 April – The Development of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) is committed to fight corruption by signing and taking the Corruption-Free Pledge (IBR) at the Auditorium, Putrajaya Islamic Complex today.

The IBR ceremony was led by Ustaz Nor Zaidan Hamad, Senior Assistant Director of the JAKIM Corporate Communications Unit and witnessed by KPKPj Mohamad Tarmize Abdul Manaf, Deputy Director of the MACC Community Education Division. 

Also held was an Anti-Corruption Dialogue with MACC that shared the definition of corruption and forms of corruption offences.

Also in attendance were Datuk Hajjah Hakimah Mohd Yusoff, Director-General of JAKIM, JAKIM officers and MACC officers.

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