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CUSTOMS Receives Vaccine to Fight Bribe-givers

PUTRAJAYA, 16 Mar - Dissemination of the Fight Bribe-givers vaccine that targets 1,000 Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) officers became a reality, with 1,300 officers participating in the programme. 

The RMCD-MACC-ACeIO Fight Bribe-givers Programme was specially formulated to ensure at least 10% of the Customs community receives the vaccine to fight bribe-givers, towards the goal of achieving herd immunity against the corruption virus and thus stand together with MACC in fighting bribe-givers in the RMCD. 

This programme was officiated by Deputy Comm. Datuk Razim Mohd Noor, Director of the MACC Community Education Division (CommEd). 

The programme included talks by Ustaz Mohd Amri Abdullah, Islamic Affairs Officer from the Ministry of Health with the topic 'Halal Rizq  Say No to Corruption'; by Chief SAC Ahmad Sabri Mohamed, President of the Association of Certified Integrity Officers (ACeIO) with the topic 'Integrity in Service'; Chief SAC Mohamad Tarmize Abdul Manaf, Deputy Director of CommEd with the topic 'Fighting Bribe-givers: Implementation Strategy towards Upholding Integrity in Public Service', and by Chief SAC Sudirman Aban, Head of the Customs Integrity Unit with the topic 'Facilitating RMCD Integrity in the Face of Corruption'.

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