Target Group

MACA’s training programme on anti-corruption targeted to local and international participants. The involvement of four target groups reflects the role of MACA as specialized training institutions in anti-corruption. Four target groups are:

  • MACC officers and staff:MACA is an entity under the MACC, which responsible for providing adequate training to all officers and staff in improving self-abilities to carry out their duties efficiently and professionally. The areas of training offered include the comprehensive of MACC’s 'core business' and other fields such as management and security;
  • Government Departments / Agencies and Local Enforcement Agencies: In line with government's aspiration to create a "World-Class Civil Service", MACA offers training programmes for government agencies specializing in anti-corruption. These programmes are high- quality and able to equip themselves with knowledge and skills;
  • Participants from the International Organizations and International Enforcement Agencies: MACA moves into the global arena in training on anti-corruption. MACA offers quality training programmes particularly to foreign participants from various organizations and enforcement agencies. All the training programmes are based on the current requirements accordance with the law and best practices. Training programmes can also be designed according to international needs.
  • The Private Sector: MACA provides a platform for the private sector such as government-linked companies (GLCs) and corporate bodies in enhancing the understanding and skills in the field of anti-corruption, integrity and good governance;

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