L 24 Fighting corruption 223x300  L 23 MACC HRDF to act on errant training providers 219x300 L 22 Missing Malaysian DPP found dead body stuffed in concrete filled drum 222
L 21 Indias Scorecard For Elected Representatives Proving To Be A Success 223x L 20 16th IACC adopts Putrajaya Declaration eight resolutions 224x300  L 16 Malaysia excludes anti corruption body in new team to probe 1MDB Report 2 
L 15 Najib says MACC cleared him of corruption 224x300 L 12 Malaysia Panel Wants Najib Razak to Explain 700 Million Donation 224x300  L 8 MARA property scandal MACC would tackle not just concede to challenges 224 
L 6 Zero complaints for MACC since October 2012 224x300 L 5 MACC urges Malaysian to fearlessly report corruption cases 221x300  L 4 Advisory board urges govt to formulate laws on corrupt civil servants 220x 
L 3 Sarawak lost RM41mil due to illegal logging last year 224x300 L 2 Sarawak BNBBC political secretaries sign integrity pledge 224x300  L 1 MACC Welcomes Desire by BN MPs to Sign Integrity Plesfe1 225x300 

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