Logo MACA baru

The logo was redesign by Shahrim bin Mohamad, Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy (MACA).

Basic elements used are lines, design and colors. Different motive used to define the elements creatively and aesthetically in line with MACA corporate image.

The design is based on the vision, mission and the main objectives of MACA.

Eclipse Represents MACA as a learning and research centre to combat corruption professionally and efficiently in the global arena.
Square Represents MACA as a leader in providing training and research facilities in the prevention corruption and at the same time progressive in using modern technology to achieve its aims. It also means MACA as a training centre which provides and conducts both local and international training programmes, colloquiums, seminars, forums and workshops. Furthermore it also represents MACA as a reliable institution in anti-corruption in deliver training.

The colors used are a combination of colors Malaysia.

  • Blue color represents MACA's code of ethics which are cooperation, discipline and hardworking.
  • Red color represents efficiency, coherence and excitement in providing training and research.
  • Yellow color represents sovereignty and trustworthiness.
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