Corruption-Free Pledge

The Corruption-Free Pledge (better known as IBR) is a recent initiative introduced by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as a brainchild of the Chief Commissioner himself, Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad. The IBR places emphasis on the pledge and oath voluntarily taken by an organisation’s leadership and members in an individual capacity to hold each of them accountable and responsible for carrying out their duties and to hinder them from engaging in any corruption misconduct throughout their tenure.

Openness and accountability displayed by the leadership and staff in signing the Corruption-Free Pledge also attest that fighting and combating corruption is not the exclusive responsibility of MACC per se; on the other hand, it is the collective duty and responsibility of all members of society, particularly those serving in government agencies, to achieve a nation free from all forms of corruption and abuse of power.

IBR Implementation
  1. Pledge by an individual
  2. Witnessed by MACC
  3. Taking the oath to never engage in any corruption activities
  4. Signing the pledge document
Significance of IBR Implementation
  1. To serve as warning and reminder to individuals to stay away from corruption
  2. Guarantee from the organisation’s leadership to its members, stakeholders and customers to prevent corruption
  3. Disclosure of undertaking of individual commitment in combating corruption
  4. To serve as assurance that the organisation has taken the necessary steps to prevent corruption

Any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our officers as below:

No. Name  Phone Number 
 1. SAC Abu Talib bin Othman +603-8891 1415
Categories for Corruption-Free Pledge Signees

Signees of the Corruption-Free Pledge are classified into 9 categories:

Table of Total Signees by Category
No. Category Number of Organisations
1. Ministry 26
2. Department 720
3. State Government 303
4. Statutory Body 232
5. Higher Learning / Educational Institutes 65
6. GLC 131
7. Private Sector 106
8. NGO and Association 69
9. Foundation 8
Grand Total 1,660

 (Source: Government & Agency Unit)

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