Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP)

Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) is an initiative that requires companies in Malaysia to adhere and uphold the Anti-Corruption Principles.

Importance of CIP to Business Organization

  • CIP is an option to fulfil the adequate measures under Corporate Liability Provision in MACC Act 2009. The Law requires companies to take reasonable steps to ensure that corruption does not occur in the work place.

The Inspection and Consultation Division oversees the implementation of CIP. Download the CIP brochure or visit more information.

No  Officer Name  Telephone No  Email (
 1. AC Sarimah binti Sulaiman 03-8891 1337 sarimahsulaiman
 2. SSupt. Zetty Zarina binti Saharudin 03-8891 1349 zettyzarina

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