Agency Integrity Management

The Agency Integrity Management Division (BPIA) was established following the Service Circular No. 6 of 2013 effective 1st June 2013.

This division is tasked with coordinating the Integrity Unit’s functions in public agencies at the Federal and State level. In addition to managing the placement of MACC officers as integrity officers in an agency’s Integrity Unit, this Division is also responsible for outlining policies and mechanisms of integrity management. Other roles include coordinating and guiding Integrity institutionalisation programmes organised by an Integrity Unit.

Furthermore, Integrity Units could also solicit consultation and assistance in matters related to integrity management from BPIA. MACC, through BPIA, also rates corruption risk in agencies to determine the appropriate model for the specific agency’s Integrity Unit.

BPIA is also responsible for reporting any issues and activities of an agency’s Integrity Unit to the Chief Commissioner of MACC and the Chief Secretary. Direct discussions between the Top Management of MACC and integrity officers are held periodically through the MACC Top Management Meeting with MACC Officers Placed in External Agencies.

This is the best platform for integrity officers, particularly those from among MACC officers, to raise issues that require specific attention from the Top Management. Besides that, MACC also holds meetings with non-MACC Heads of Integrity Units to provide assistance in resolving issues in the implementation of an Integrity Unit’s functions.

Essentially, the order to establish Agency Integrity Units through Service Circular No 6/2013 was a proactive move by the government to manage integrity issues among public servants where the Integrity Unit acts as the focal point in an agency’s integrity management, monitored and coordinated by MACC through BPIA.


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