Consultancy Services

Inspection on system, work procedures and processes

  • BPMP conducts inspection on the system, work procedures and processes of government and private agencies to identify weaknesses and loopholes that enable corruption, misuse and abuse of power to occur. Inspection is conducted through interviews, document analysis, site visits and benchmarking.
  • Consultation Sessions are held to present the Inspection Findings to the head of private or government departments involved to table proposals for improvement to reduce corruption risks as well as misuse and abuse of power.
  • Monitoring is done by the appointed Consultation Officer periodically to obtain the status of implementation of proposals by the respective private/ government agencies.
  • BPMP inspection flow for system, work procedures and processes:

 For further enquiries, please contact the following officer:

No  Officer Name  Telephone No  Email (
 1. Chief Zuridah binti Mamat 03-8891 1329 zuridahmamat

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