Strategic Communication Division

The Strategic Communication Division (BKS) is responsible for implementation of public relation and communication action plan to be strategic, accurate and effective, besides fostering close collaboration with mass media, community leaders, non-governmental organizations in order to boost public confidence and perception towards MACC. BKS serves as a local referral center, channel to provide information and communication channels effectively, either externally or internally. The division also responsible to arrange for training, advisory services related to communication and public relation during crisis to all divisions in MACC Headquarters and States.


To lead the strategic management of MACC's reputation and corporate image.


To strive towards effective issue management and to promote corruption prevention initiatives through the proactive, professional and holistic use of media networks for high impact and positive dissemination of information.


Informative * Effective *Holistic

  • To effectively promote the function as well as corruption prevention programmes and initiatives towards elevating MACC's corporate image and reputation.
  • To implement effective issue management strategies consistently.
  • To serve as medium of communication in issue management to attain high-impact publicity.
  • To manage internal communications strategy and approach in an organised and dynamic manner for a holistic circulation of accurate and correct information.
  • To build strong and dynamic relationsips with stakeholders particularly in local and international media organinsations through constructive engagement to ensure the effectiveness of corruption prevention efforts and to improve MACC's image.
  • To provide guide and internal communication management service to every Division and MACC's State Office.

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