Monitoring and Coordination Division

Monitoring and Coordination Division is tasked to monitor and coordinate the implementation of the Commission’s Vision and Strategies.

The main functions of the Division are:

1. Key Performance Index (KPI) Management
  • KPI Officer for MACC Chief Commissioner (Tier 1) and Deputy Chief Commissioners (Tier 2);
  • Develop, coordinate and implement KPI managemet for all officers at MACC Divisions and State Offices;
  • MACCKPI system administrator;
  • Monitor, ensure compliance and reporting on KPI implementation by all MACC staff is achieved within the stipulated period; and
  • Analyse and document KPI achievement reports for half year, year end and annual Executive Report to be reported to the top management and stakeholders.
2. MACC Financial Management Monitoring
  • Exercise the function as Internal Audit and conducting Audit Review based on the top management’s order;
  • Conduct compliance audit inspectorate and reporting on financial performance and asset at MACC Division and State office Responsibility Centre (RC) to increase the financial management accountability index in order to achieve high performance in the aspect of internal controls and compliance with regulations prior to the inspection by the National Audit Department and Internal Audit Division, Prime Minister’s Department, and
  • Monitor, ensure and report compliance with the implementation of financial management internal controls and ICT by RC via online self-assessment (ezSNAP).
3. MACC Performance Monitoring Management
  • Monitor the performance of MACC staff covering the achievement of Key Performance Index (KPI);
  • Monitor the financial management performance at Responsibility Centres (RC) of MACC Divisions and State Offices to ensure the approved budget allocation is expended appropriately;
  • Monitor asset management the MACC Office Complex; and
  • Monitor the management of MACC Programmes/Activtiies based on the report of Outcome-Based Budgeting (OBB).

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