Excellence and Professionalism Division

The Excellence and Professionalism Division is the government’s aspiration in the effort to enhance public service delivery system, covering additions in several areas involving efforts in performance measurement and in reducing bureaucracy.

In addition, it is pursuant to the government’s decision that directs all ministries, departments and government agencies to establish an Integrity Unit through the Service Circular Number 6 Year 2013 effective 1st August 2013. MACC through BCP is tasked with carrying out the six functions of an Integrity Unit as per the circular in force, namely Integrity Enhancement, Complaints Management, Detection and Verification (Investigation), Disciplinary Secretariat, Compliance and Governance.

1. Integrity Enhancement
  • Ensure the acculturation, institutionalization and implementation of integrity in MACC officers through the development of human capital with integrity and strengthening a culture of integrity and moral values;
  • Provide counselling services to identified MACC officers and for referred cases.
2. Complaints Management
  • Receive and take action on all complaints or information on misconduct or disciplinary violation not of criminal nature;
  • Serve as secretariat to the MACC Complaints Committee (CC) and prepare the CC Annual Report.
3. Detection and Verification
  • Detecting and verifying complaints or information on misconduct and disciplinary violation not criminal in nature involving MACC staff. In cases where there is a basis behind the disciplinary violation or misconduct, the matter shall be referred to the Discliplinary Secretariat for appropriate action under the Regulations Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) 1993 or other administrative actions;
  • In cases where there is basis for criminal offence, information will be referred to the Information Evaluation Committee (IEC), Records Management and Information Division for further action.
4. Disciplinary Secretariat
  • Manage disciplinary proceeding papers for the consideration of the relevant Disciplinary Authority;
  • Act as Secretariat to the relevant Disciplinary Board Meeting and prepare minutes of meeting as well as inform and take action on meeting decisions.
5. Compliance
  • Conduct compliance inspectorate through inspection and enforcement on compliance with the law, policies, regulations, chief commissioner’s standing orders (PTKP), code of ethics and standard operating procedures in force on all MACC staff;
  • Report and provide feedback on any weaknesses, violation of code of conduct and non-compliance with policies, regulations and SOP to the relevant MACC Divisions or State for corrective action, improvement or appropriate action;
  • Provide reports to the Disciplinary Secretariat in cases of disciplinary violation or misconducted by officers for appropriate action;
  • Conduct studies, assessment and update the effectiveness of and compliance with existing policies, regulations, PTKP and SOP;
  • Conduct assessment on the understanding and compliance with policies, regulations and SOP stipulated.
6. Governance
  • Ensure the effective implementation of organisational governance involving integrity issues to curb corruption and disciplinary violation.
  • Receive reports and act as secretariat for the Anti-Corruption Committee meeting and the reporting for MACC Organisational Anti-Corruption Plan (OACP);
  • Examine weaknesses and improvements to regulations, systems and procedures to shut any opportunities for corruption and disciplinary violation for MACC staff.

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