Security Division

The Security Division supports MACC’s main functions in the aspect of protection security comprising the security of physical, documents, personal and ICT to ensure MACC is safe from any form of threat.



  • To preserve the safety aspect in MACC.



  • To lead the effort to embody safety.
  • To make MACC an organisation that prioritises security through compliance with the law, security directives and circulars in force.


Physical, Personal and Document and Technology Security Branch

Responsible for managing MACC’s security through protection security control comprising physical, documents, personal and technology security by ensuring that the buildings, premises and assets used to manage confidential or sensitive matters are always safe. The tasks of this branch are:

  • Managing Security Passes for MACC Headquarters personnel
  • Managing MACC Authority Cards
  • Managing the control and storage of duplicate keys
  • Managing the control of combination keys, safes and vaults
  • Managing actions on loss of Security keys
  • Managing the appointment application for Classifying Officers under Section 2B
  • Managing Confidential Document Control
  • Managing Official Secret Acknowledgement
  • Managing Security Profiles/E-Vetting
  • Managing Security Visits.


Escort and Witness Protection Branch

Manages security escort duties and provides personal security protection as well as security support to MACC operations. Among the duties of this branch are:

  • Personal Escort
  • Escort of Assets, Case Exhibit and Firearms
  • Escort of Arrested Persons
  • Witness Movement Security Management
  • Witness Residence Patrol Management.


Lockup Branch

Coordinate and monitor MACC lockup activities to be conducted efficiently based on the Security Directive and regulations in force.  

  • Manage the handling of lockups at MACC Headquarters/State Offices/Branch
  • Manage and coordinate development and gazette of MACC lockup
  • Conduct lockup inspection on MACC State Office/Branch
  • Manage lockup detainees at MACC Headquarters.


Secretariat and Records Management Branch

Responsible towards the Security Division’s activities and performance achievement.

  • Plan and coordinate security and safety policies
  • Manage the implementation of division activities
  • Plan and manage the training as well as development of human resource and organisation
  • Coordinate the performance of division’s Outcome Based Budget (OBB)
  • Act as security committee for MACC
  • Manage the registration and storage of confidential documents.


Armaments Branch

Responsible for managing the supply and maintenance of the Commission’s firearms and ammunition.

  • Manage MACC’s armament security
  • Inspect and physically examine MACC’s firearms
  • Conduct shooting training and examinations for MACC officers.


Inspectorate Branch

Responsible for providing consultation regarding protection security according to the law, Security Directive and circulars in force. Manage and coordinate MACC’s physical security control aspect

  • Conduct protection security inspectorate on all divisions at the MACC Headquarters and MACC State Offices
  • Manage and coordinate the gazettement of Protected Areas and Protected Places (Act 298) in MACC  
  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace from risks caused by work activities or their surroundings.


Administration Branch

Responsible for all matters related to human resource management, finance, asset, logistics, general administration and division correspondence record.


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