Policy, Planning and Research Division

Policy, Planning and Research Division serves as a reference centre to the Chief Commissioner and the Top Management of MACC in matters relating to planning, coordination and implementation of MACC policies. This role is performed through conduct of research, policy making as well as coordination and monitoring of policy implementation in accordance with MACC strategic plan and direction in a professional, efficient and effective manner.


To be the reference centre which assists the planning of MACC polices by the Chief Commissioner and the Top Management of MACC.


To integrate all resources towards implementation of objectives, functions and responsibilities by MACC through continuous planned improvement.

  • To conduct research and assist Chief Commissioner and Top Management of MACC in planning and coordinating MACC policies towards eradicating corruption, malpractices and abuse of power via implementation of MACC strategic plans and direction in a professional, efficient and effective manner.
Functions of Unit
No. Unit Function
1 Strategic Planning Unit
  • Plans, coordinates and prepares Policy Papers on corruption prevention:
    • Identifies the needs to formulate new MACC policies as well as the needs to amend/repeal existing policies;
    • Coordinates actions relevant to the formulating of new MACC policies or to the needs for any amendment/repeal of existing policies; and
    • Produces Policy Papers that are in line with the vision, missions and objectives of MACC.
  • Plans, coordinates and formulates Cabinet Ministers’ Papers (KJM)
    • Identifies MACC policies that require concurrence/approval in Cabinet Ministers’ Meeting;
    • Conducts data analysis and formulates policies/recommendations to be proposed in KJM;
    • Drafts KJM in compliance with the Directive of the Secretary to the Cabinet No. 1 of 2008: Guide to the Preparation of Cabinet Ministers’ Papers (CMPs) and Implementation of Cabinet Minister’ Meeting Decisions
    • Processes request to obtain concurrence/approval in Cabinet Ministers’ Meeting; and
    • Submits relevant comments for Cabinet Ministers’ Memorandum to requesting Agency.
  • Plans, coordinates and implements initiatives under MACC Transformation 2.0
    • Plans and coordinates implemention of mandated functions by MACC Transformation 2.0 Committee;
    • Coordinates comprehensive studies to ensure initiatives implementation meets targeted objectives and desired impacts;
    • Coordinates data gathering and production of comprehensive research papers to ensure complete justifications and references to support drafting of policies/Bills, Cabinet Ministers’ approval and presentation in Parliament;
    • Coordinates and prepares input for presentation in JKKMAR meeting;
    • Coordinates drafting of policies/Bills;
    • Produces Cabinet Minister’s Papers; and
    • Coordinates presentation of Bills in Parliament.
2 Policy Management Unit
  • Coordinates issuance of Standing Orders of MACC Chief Commissioner, MACC Directives, Directive Letters of MACC Deputy Chief Commissioners and Directive Letters of MACC Divisions Directors;
  • Plans and coordinates development of MACC Strategic Plan and MACC Service Continuity Plan, including monitoring of their progressive implementation periodically;
  • Coordinates applications for Corruption Prevention Related Researches received from external researchers;
  • Coordinates or prepares MACC’s input/feedback to external agencies (GIACC, MEA and PM’s Department) – [e.g.: RMK 12, Government Manifesto/Promise for agencies under PM’s Department, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)];
  • Coordinates and prepares myPortfolio BDPP;
  • Coordinates and prepares talking points, speech texts and presentation slides for MACC Chief Commissioner;
  • Coordinates MACC Divisions reporting on MACC Organisational Anti-Corruption Plan (OACP);
  • Coordinates MACC reporting to GIACC regarding progress status on NACP initiatives led by MACC.
3 Parliament and Cabinet Affairs Unit
  • Coordinates and administers input gathering on corruption prevention matters for the Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office to report to the Dewan Rakyat, Dewan Negara and Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Meetings;
  • Coordinates the discharge of Special Committee on Corruption’s (SCC) functions which is established under section 14 of MACC Act 2009;
  • Coordinates the formation of cooperative understanding/strategic cooperation between MACC and domestic Ministries/Departments/Agencies/Organisations, including monitors implementation of agreed upon terms of agreement.
4 International Affairs Unit
  • Identifies international standards and corruption prevention best practices to be translated into constructive policies both at organisational and national level.
  • Plans, formulates and manages working visits of MACC Top Management and officers at conventions, conferences, meetings and workshops abroad;
  • Plans, coordinates and forms strategic cooperation between MACC and international agencies through agreements/memorandum of understanding, including coordinating bilateral and working group meetings;
  • Coordinates and manages visits from international delegations to MACC on sharing of corruption prevention best practices and to discuss strategic matters with the Chief Commissioner
  • Acts as Main Secretariat in domestic hosting of international conventions/conferences/meetings/workshops related to anti-corruption and sharing of related best practices;
  • Prepares input/feedback to domestic and international agencies on domestic compliance with corruption prevention and money laundering standards such as the United Nations Convention Against Corruptions (UNCAC) and Asia Pacific Group (APG) on Money Laundering, as well as feedbacks to research on anti-corruption issues carried out by the United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime (UNODC), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and so forth.
5 Policy Secretariat Unitr
  • Plans, coordinates and provides secretariatship services for internal meetings and programmes involving MACC Top Management;
  • Coordinates, monitors and provides secretariatship services to the MACC Anti-Corruption Advisory Board (ACAB) which is established under section 13 of MACC Act 2009;9
  • Acts as Main Secretariat in organising MACC Convention and Anniversary Celebration, as well as supporting committee for other official ceremonies;
  • Prepares and coordinates input/feedback for MACC High Level Meetings, MACC Directors Meetings and BDPP monthly meetings.

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