Community Education Division

The Community Education Division is an essential Division of MACC in fulfilling its functions as stipulated in Section 7(f) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 which is to educate the public to fight corruption, and Section 7(g) which is to obtain and maintain public support in fighting corruption. The Division has an organizational structure as follows:

Research and Programme Development  
  • Research
  • Programme Development
Outreach Programme 
  • Planning and Special Tasks Section
  • Socio cultural
  • Government and Agency
  • Government Related Agencies
  • Private
  • University and Youth
  • Relations Branch
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Print media
  • Electronic media
  • Promotion and Publicity
  • Portal and Alternative Media
  • Secretariat

In line with the objectives of community prgrammes, this division is responsible for exercising the following roles and functions:

  1. Formulate, implement and coordinate human development programmes by instilling and applying good values and work ethics that could serve as a wall to protect individuals from committing bribery, abuse of power and misappropriation;
  2. Formulate, implement and coordinate community relations programmes to enhance the commitment of leaders from all sectors to lead the effort to provent corruption at their respective departments or organisations;
  3. Enlist and foster support from leaders in all sectors to ensure that the corruption prevention agenda is carried out holistically and effectively by organising programmes through smart partnerships;
  4. Produce various print and electronic publication materials as well as employ various mass media, traditional media and alternative media channels effectively to disseminate anti-corruption messages; and
  5. Conduct research and studies on the level of knowledge, values and behaviour of the public on the effectiveness of activities.

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For any enquiries, please contact the following Division Liaison Officer:

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1. Liaison Officer
03-8891 1492 ppd1

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