bintang 14 bucu Star (14 Point)

Reflects the excellence and glory of 14 States and the Federal Government that are free of corruption, whose citizens are strong on religious and spiritual values and guided by the highest ethical standards.

emas Gold

Symbolizes the most valuable crusade, i.e, to eradicate corruption in order to attain an invaluable victory, namely, a corruption-free Nation.

bulan sabit Crescent

The crescent symbolizes Islam as the national religion. Religions knowledge and practices can only bring about abeyance from corrupt practices.


Symbolizes fairness, i.e, justice is one of the MACC Client's Charter in all its decisions irrespective of status or race.

kerisInterlocking Kris

Symbolizes the authority accorded to MACC officers, as prescribed in the laws of the Nation, in executing their duties to combat corruption and their readliness to shoulder the people's aspiration to go forth even in the face of a thousand obstacles and challenges.


Reflects trust and harmony. It means that in addition to law enforcement, the Commission also plans and carries out anti-corruption campaigns through information, educational and community relation programs


Symbolizes a gear for self-defence. It signifies that covert operations are carried out efficiently and of quality, with the assurance that the identities of complainants are protected.


Symbolizes enduring spirit of accuracy and stability and striving to overcome.

bunga padiPaddy Flower

Symbolizes progressiveness, prosperity and achievement attained within a moral and ethical society. Every complaint received will be appropriately investigated without prejudice but with trust, firmness and fairness

kelabuDark Grey

The gray tone balancing between black and white, symbolizes freedom and transparency of MACC in its efforts to stamp out corruption without interference from any quarters.


Symbolizes bravery and strength in executing every entrusted responsibility and to surge forward even if facing a thousand obstacles and challenges.


Symbolizes the fighting spirit to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the Nation even if it requires the spilling of one's blood.

jalur putih merah14 White & Red Stripes

Reflects educational activity throughout the whole of Malaysia in regards to corruption and its evil consequences.


Symbolizes a clean heart in a holy endeavor to uphold truth and eradicate deviation.

tulisan jawiJawi Script

Symbolizes the spirit to preserve the tradition and heritage of the nation for the future generation.

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