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WAR Programme and Anti-Corruption Sharing Session with SJKT Ladang Wellesley

LUNAS, 11 September – Kedah MACC together the Teachers Education Institute Sultan Abdul Halim Campus (IPGKSAH) Anti-Corruption Students Force (AMAR) held the Anti-Corruption Heroes (WAR) programme with the teachers and students of Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT) Ladang Wellesley, Lunas at the school’s Open Hall.

An anti-corruption talk was delivered by Ps Darshini a/p Gunasselan to 70 teachers and parents of SJKT Wellesley.

The programme began with an opening speech by Ms. Selvi a/p Pachiappen, Headmaster of SJKT Ladang Wellesley and Mr. Kaliyappan a/l Mayakrishnan, Chairman of SJKT Ladang Wellesley, while the programme closing speech was delivered by Dato’ Shaharom Nizam bin Abd Manap, Director of Kedah MACC.

Also held was a presentation of drawings themed “ABHOR CORRUPTION UPHOLD PRIDE” from 20 students to Dato’ Shaharom Nizam bin Abd Manap, escorted by PKPj Wong Chiew Hoong, Deputy Director (Prevention) of Kedah MACC.


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