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Jihad Against Corruption for the Benefit of the Ummah Programme 2022 Pulau Pinang

PULAU PINANG, 6 Jul – Pulau Pinang MACC together with the Pulau Pinang Islamic Religious Council (MAIPP) and the Pulau Pinang Islamic Religious Department (JAIPP) organised the Jihad Against Corruption For the Benefit of the Ummah Programme 2022 Pulau Pinang, held for the first time at the Permatang Tok Gelam Hall, Seberang Perai Utara (SPU), Pulau Pinang.

400 participants comprising the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Principal/Mudir and committees of masjid, surau, tahfiz centres and qariah throughout Pulau Pinang attended the programme.

A talk was delivered by Dr. Mohd Zaki Haji Abdul Halim, Deputy Mufti from JAIPP titled "Corruption from the Islamic Perspective", followed by a talk on the MACC Act 2009 delivered by PKPj Mohd Nur Lokman Samingan, Head of the University Branch, MACC Community Education Division.

The programme continued with a forum featuring both speakers as panellists and Mr. Lukmanul Hakim Mokhtar as moderator.

This programme received very encouraging response when the participants asked questions on corruption, abuse of power and misappropriation to both panellists during the forum session.

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