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JAWHAR and YWM Shapes Integrity through the Anti-Corruption in Procurement and Fund Management Programme

PUTRAJAYA, 18 May – The Department of Awqaf, Zakat and Hajj (JAWHAR) together with the Waqf Foundation Malaysia (YWM) are two religious agencies at the Federal level who showed commitment in organising the Anti-Corruption Programme in Procurement and Fund Management at Pulse Grande Hotel here today.

This programme was officiated by Dato’ Selamat Paigo, Director-General of JAWHAR. He emphasised that the entire workforces of JAWHAR and YWM can benefit from this type of programme, in addition to enhancing effective governance with integrity and a corrupt-free fund management. This is vital as JAWHAR is the policy-making agency in the field of waqaf, zakat and hajj, while YWM is the implementing agency exercising waqaf functions.

72 participants from among the Top Management of JAWHAR and YWM, Division Directors and Senior Officers from both agencies took the Corruption-Free Pledge (IBR) to show their commitment in shaping strong integrity values, excellent work ethics and anti-corruption. The IBR ceremony was led by Dato’ Selamat Paigo, Director-General of JAWHAR and witnessed by KPKPj Mohamad Tarmize Abdul Manaf, Deputy Director of the MACC Community Education Division.

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