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Video Conference Call Between Academy Of The General Prosecutor’s Office Of Uzbekistan (AGPOU) And Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy (MACA)

On 24th November, 2021,MACA was invited by the Embassy of Uzbekistan to conduct a Video Conferencebetween the Academy of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Uzbekistan.  This virtual meeting was hosted by His Excellency,Mr. Rasvshan Usmanov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Malaysia,  and conducted at the Embassy of Uzbekistan,Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.  The meeting wasinitiated to build stronger relations and collaboration between the twoacademies to fight corruption at national and international level.
The purpose of themeeting was to discuss opportunities, trainings, skills and expertise inrelation to the fight against corruption. This event allowed for the sharing ofinformation with our international anti-corruption counterpart. The meetingalso focused on the training module of Intelligence Based Investigation (IBI),Corruption Risk Management (CRM) and Grand Corruption & Laundering CorruptProceeds. On the agenda for this event was also the discussion on the signingof an MOU between the Academy of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Uzbekistan(AGPOU) and Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy (MACA).
AGPOU also conveyed an invitation for trainers from MACA to conducttraining in Uzbekistan and this idea was reciprocated in kind by MACA.  These trainings are hoped to bring a positiveimpact on the bilateral relations between both countries in emphasising onstrategies to combat corruption.
This video conference wasattended by Deputy Commissioner Dato’ Haji Idris Zaharudin, Director of MACA;His Excellency, Mr. Rasvshan Usmanov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Malaysia; Mr.Evgeniy Kolenko, Head of the Academy of the General Prosecutor’s Office ofUzbekistan.  Also in attendance wereChief Senior Assistant Commissioner Tn. Zuhairie Abu Bakar,  Deputy Director of MACA (Management); SeniorAssistant Commissioner Tn. Zakaria Taib, Head of International Studies Centre;senior MACA officers and personnel from Embassy of Uzbekistan.

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