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SPRM Sarawak Organises Social and Community Welfare Programme with PERYATIM

KUCHING, 30 Sept  MACC Sarawak held a Presentation of Donation Ceremony to 106 orphans at the Kompleks Kebajikan Laila Taib, Sarawak Orphans Welfare Board (PERYATIM), Kuching.

The programme was held in conjunction with the ACA/MACC 54th Anniversary Celebration 2021 with the tagline "Semarakkan Integriti, Rasuah Diperangi".

The programme, led by KPKPj Mohd Zaki Hassan, Director of MACC Sarawak, received a positive response from Mr. Haji Mohamad Azrai Haji Karim, Board Secretary of PERYATIM.

This type of programme is also one of the ways to disseminate anti-corruption messages and cultivate integrity among orphans who are the young generation that will one day lead the nation.

Also in attendance in this event were Mr. Haji Mohammad Salleh Haji Hamden, CEO of PERYATIM; Madam Nor Aishah Tan Abdullah, Board Member of PERYATIM and Mr. Haji Nurie Hadi Latip, Branch Head of Kuching PERYATIM Complex. 

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