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MACC Kelantan Presents Hampers in conjunction with 'Gobox Infak Cakna'

PASIR PUTEH, 20 Sept – MACC Kelantan visited the people of Kelantan and presented food hampers to Masjid Ibrahimi, Pasir Puteh in conjunction with MACC Kelantan's  Gobox Infak Cakna in the Enforcers of Pasir Putih District Religious Enforcement Officers Talk Programme today.

The hampers were presented by PKPj Hairul Ilham Hamzah, Deputy Director (Operation) of MACC Kelantan to Imam Tua Mohd Sabri Abdul Ghani.

Also in attendance in this event were PsK Hamisah Salleh, Deputy Director (Prevention), Imam Tua Mohd Sabri Abdul Ghani and Mr. Anuar Hashim, Religious Officer of Pasir Puteh District. 

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