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LADA Positively Welcomes GEMPARK Campaign 2021

ALOR SETAR, 17 Aug – The GEMPARK Campaign (Movement to Fight Bribe-givers Campaign Kedah) 2021 was held with the workforce of the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) Kedah. The campaign, held virtually, was attended by 82 officers and staff members of LADA as well as the CEO from a GLC under LADA. 

A briefing on integrity among public officers, corruption offences, recognition to public officers, punishments for corruption and channels to report corruption was delivered by Ps Izham Ibrahim, Head of the MACC Langkawi Branch, Kedah. 

This campaign received a positive response from LADA in ensuring the main objective of the campaign, which was to remind public officers to reject corruption and report it to MACC, is achieved. 

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