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Sharing Session on Enforcers' Challenges at ICQS Kelantan in Fighting Corruption during Covid-19 Pandemic

KOTA BHARU, 25 July – MACC Kelantan takes the initiative to approach 21 Immigration officers in the Chit Chat/Exchange Programme on the challenges faced by enforcers at ICQS (Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security) in fighting corruption during the Covid-19 pandemic today. 

The Kelantan Immigration Offices involved are ICQS Rantau Panjang, ICQS Pengkalan Kubur and ICQS Bukit Bunga.

The programme, chaired by KPKPj Rosli Husain, Director of MACC Kelantan, saw many discussions raised regarding border control as corruption and abuse of power issues. which were shared and answered with clarity. 

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