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MACC Terengganu’s Strategic Cooperation with Fire and Rescue Academy Eastern Zone Strengthens Integrity

KUALA TERENGGANU, 22 Feb – The Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Eastern Zone (ABPM WT) takes a strategic step with MACC Terengganu in going hand-in-hand towards strengthening integrity within the Fire and Rescue workforce today.

ABPM WT, as a training centre that produces Fire officers, is capable of becoming an excellence centre in strengthening integrity in trainers for firefighting courses.

SAC Sofian Haroon, Deputy Director (Prevention) of MACC Terengganu held a working visit to ABPM WT to join in the ABPM Integrity Day programme and the Fire Science Certificate Course Integrity Strengthening Programme.

In addition, ABPM WT will cooperate with MACC Terengganu to develop the Accountability and Integrity System Module 2.0, which will serve as the pilot programme for ABPMs nationwide

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