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Courtesy Call from Director of MACC Sabah on Director of JHEAINS

KOTA KINABALU, 5 Aug – TPj Karunanithy a/l Y.Subbiah, Director of MACC Sabah, paid a courtesy call on Datuk Haji Saifulzaman @ Setibin Sangul, Director of the Islamic Religious Affairs Department Sabah (JHEAINS) today. 

JHEAINS welcomes cooperation with MACC in conducting programmes, especially ones that involve mosque committees as well as JHEAINS Religious Administrative Officers across Sabah. 

Unity in organising collaborative corruption prevention programmes between JHEAINS and MACC Sabah for the initiation of positive activities in 1040 mosques across Sabah was achieved. 

Also in attendance in this meeting were PKPj Awang Samsul Baharam Bungso, Deputy Director (Prevention) of MACC Sabah, PPj Aini Awang Muda, Head of the Community Education Unit, MACC Sabah as well as Ustaz Haji Nordin Lossin, Chief Assistant Director of the Human Resources and Accounts Division. 

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