The Security Division acts as core support to the MACC in the aspects of security protection as well as the security of physical, documents, personnel and ICT to ensure the Commission is safe from any form of threats.


The Security Division as a fortress against security threats and to provide support to the security needs of MACC operations in a fair, firm and trustworthy principle.


To implement the MACC’s security needs based on an effective and quality service that is integrated and continuous, and to ensure assets under government responsiblity in the MACC are given security protection from threats and compromise.


Physical, Personnel and Document Security and Witness Protection Branch

Manages the security of MACC physical premises, classified documents, personal security of MACC officers and staff as well as managing the security of technology and information. The functions of each unit are as follows:

1. Physical Security Unit

    1.1  Management of Security Passes

    1.2  Management of Authority Cards

    1.3  Management of Security Visits

    1.4  Management of Security Keys Control

    1.5  Management of Combination Code Key

    1.6  Storage of Duplicate Keys

    1.7  Collection of Keys


2. Document Security Unit

    2.1  Application for Classifying Officer

    2.2  Control of Classified Documents


3. Personnel Security Unit

    3.1  Acknowledgement of Official Secret Management

    3.2  Security Profile Management


4. Witness Protection Unit

    4.1  Management of Witness Protection Papers

    4.2  Management of Witness Protection Agreement

    4.3  Management of Personal Security Protection

    4.4  Management of Witness Mobilisation Security

    4.5  Placement Control Management

    4.6  Placement Patrol Management

    4.7  Termination of Witness Protection Management


Escort Branch

Manages security escort duties and provides personal security protection as well as security support to MACC operations. Among the duties of this branch are:

1. Personal Escort (VIP)

2. Escort of Assets, Exhibit and Fire Arms

3. Escort of Arrested Persons


Armaments Branch

Manages the supply and maintenance of the Commission’s firearms and ammunition as well as managing the security control of exhibits. The branch consists of two (2) units, which are:

1. Fire Arms Management and Maintenance Unit

2. Training and Shooting Test Unit


Administration Branch

In general, the Administration Branch is responsible for the management of all matters involving human resources, finance, assets, general administration and records of the Division.


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For any enquiries, please contact the following Liaison Officer or the Director of Division:

No. Name Phone  Email (
 1. Director 03-8870 0039 k1
 2. AC Azizi bin Abdul Latif 03-8891 1531 azizi.latif

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