The Management Services Division is responsible for ensuring the management of human resources, human capital development, organisational development and administrative affairs are carried out competently, promptly and efficiently.

Human Resource Research and Management Branch

  1. Policy and Service Management Unit
  2. Performance Management and Promotion Unit
  3. Management and Other Services Unit
  • Manage all service and service facility matters for MACC
  • Manage personal records, service leave records and update service record books
  • Manage acting posts matters and promotion for officers at MACC
  • Manage the MACC Annual Performance Assessment Report for Annual Salary
  • Increment, Excellent Service Award and Excellent Service Medal
  • Manage and update seniority information for MACC officers
  • Manage contract appointments, temporary transfer appointment and secondment of officers to other agencies
  • Secretariat for the Support Group Promotion Board Meeting, Human Resource Development Panel

Organisational Development and Competency Management Branch

  1. Posting and Service Scheme Unit
  2. HRMIS Unit
  3. Recruitment/Transfer Unit
  4. Examination/Training Unit
  • Monitor and update each module/submodule in HRMIS System that is in force in Divisions/State MACC Office
  • Secretariat and coordinator for PROSPEK at MACC
  • Secretariat for curriculum drafters/ Examination Panel for Management & Professional Group and Implementer Group for MACC Officers
  • Manage and update Posting Data for MACC
  • Manage MACC organisational development matters in terms of structure and posting for organisational restructuring application, expansion of posts or organisational strengthening by Gazetting of MACC special posts.

General Administration Branch

  1. Administration Branch
  2. Transportation Branch
  3. Welfare Branch
  • Manage correspondence matters
  • Coordinate Work Procedure Manual and MACC Desk Files
  • Manage customer services and library
  • Manage utility facilities
  • Manage procurement of name stamp, name card
  • Coordinate punch cards
  • Secretariat for MBJ
  • Coordinate government-organised programmes at the Department
  • Coordinate open file system
  • Manage application for overseas travel on personal matters
  • Manage supply of accessories and supply
  • Manage vehicles and MACC main store (Headquarters and State)

Human Capital Transformation Branch

  1. Research Unit
  2. Implementation Unit
  •  Competency Assessment – Competency assessment and development for officers of the Commission as well as conducting studies to improve competency assessment
  • Promotion – Conduct studies and mechanism development for Acting Assessment for officers of the Commission and conduct assessment for acting posts for grade P32 until P54
  • Organisational Structure and Posting – Conduct Annual Manpower Planning to determine the grade and total number of posts that is suitable to fulfil MACC’s objectives
  • Mobilisation and Placement – Implement a new organisational structure and operation model as well as establish a suitable mechanism for the placement and mobilisation of officers
  • Strategic Recruitment – Develop appropriate Talent Recruitment Programme for Divisions who require specialised manpower (specialists)
  • Training and Development – Cooperate with Divisions that have underwent competency assessment for the purpose of developing Competency Gap Closure Plan for MACC Officers
  • Career Development – Cooperate with specific Divisions to implement career development for MACC officers, and
  • Succession Planning – Establish mechanisms for MACC Succession Plan to strengthen successors at the leadership level (bench strength) as well as cooperate with specific Divisions to develop the Leadership Development Plan.

Facility Management Branch

  1. Management of MACC Headquarters building maintenance (M&E system, building, infra, cleaning and pest control)
  2. Management and monitoring of immovable asset for MACC Headquarters and State Office
  3. Technical consultations
  • Management of MACC Headquarters building maintenance (M&E system, building, infra, cleaning and pest control)
  • Management of immovable asset for MACC Headquarters
  • Monitor the management of immovable asset for MACC State Offices
  • Technical consultations
  • Coordinate applications for facility maintenance plan for MACC offices state-wide
  • Coordinate interaction with PWD as the implementer agency with users, customers as well as stakeholders for maintenance programmes across all MACC State Offices
  • Check and coordinate disposal/demolition recommendation applications for existing buildings for upgrading purposes or construction of replacement building.


For any enquiries, please contact the following Liaison Officer or the Director of Division:

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   1. Director  03-8870 0045 c1
   2. Encik Mohd Zahreen bin Mohd Zailani 03-8891 1720 mzahreen

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