In the early stage of the establishment of the Commission in 1967, the financial activities operated by the Division of Management Services and General Administration (BPSMPA). In 2013, the Finance Division is separated from the Division of Human Resources Management and the General Administration known as the Finance, Account and Development Division. This section is divided into four (4) main branches as follows: -

• Administration Management
• Budget
• Development
• Accounts, Payment and Procurement

Finance, Accounts and Development Division has been given the responsibility to carry out tasks related to financial management such as budget management, procurement management, account and payment management as well as development project management of MACC.



For any enquiries, please contact the following Liaison Officer :

No.  Name  Phone  Email (
 1. Encik Wan Yusran Naim bin Wan Zainal Abidin 03-8891 1866 yusran
 2. Encik Mohamad Adam bin Zakria 03-8891 1872 adamzakria
 3. Puan Siti Norliana binti Zakaria 03-8891 1870 sitinorliana
 4. Puan Norfarihan binti Mohamad Karid 03-8891 1868 norfarihan

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