The Structure And Corruption Risk Rating

The stucture and staffing for the Integrity Unit are designed by Organization Development Division of the Public Service Department (PSD) based on the agency risk rating and currently personnel policies.

Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is responsible for implementing risk rating agencies to establish an appropriate model Integrity Unit. Public agencies risk rating is divided into 3 levels, namely high, medium and low based on the situation of corruption in agencies, corruption perception against the agencies and budget allocated which may result in the likelihood of corruption in an agency.

For agencies with “high categorised corruption risk”, the Integrity Unit structure is model A, model B for “medium” risk agencies and model C for “low” risk agencies.


model a risiko en


model b risiko en


model c risiko en


For model A, minimum number of personnel is 22 including 2 MACC officers placed as cadre post consist of  JUSA C or grade P54 as a Head of Unit and a P44 MACC officer. For model B, the minimum number of personnel is 15, including MACC officer with grade P44. The officer from the agency with grade 52 is heading the unit for model B. For model C, the minimum number of personnel is 7 and headed by an officer with grade 48 from the agency. No MACC officer placed in model C. The post of Head of Integrity Unit in the agency is required to be certified as Certified Integrity Officer or other qualifications as recognised by the Accreditation Integrity Officer Board with MACC as secretariat.


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