6 August 2015


The Working Committee of the Anti-Corruption Coalition for Construction met for their first meeting on August 6, 2015 at the office of the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) to discuss activities to be undertaken for the first three years of their formation. Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of CIDB Datuk Sri Prof Ir Dr Judin Abdul Karim, the meeting was attended by representatives from the Real Estate and Housing Developer Association, Royal Institute of Surveyor Malaysia, Master Builders Association Malaysia, Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia as well as the Ministry of Works, the Public Works Department, Malaysian Competition Commission (MyCC), the Minister at the Prime Minister’s Department, Ministry of Finance, Unit Kerjasama Awam Swasta Malaysia (UKAS), Institute of Integrity Malaysia and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

During the briefing by Haslina Abdul Halim from CIDB, the members of the Committee were listed as follows:

Co-Chairman – CEO of CIDB & President of IIM

Secretary – CIDB Officer


  • Representative from Ministry of Works
  • Representative from Prime Minister’s Department
  • Representative from Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Representative from Institute of Integrity Malaysia        
  • Representative from each of the Associations in the Construction Industry

Invited Members 

  • Representatives from the construction industry and Ministry/Agency/Departments that are specified by the Minister of Works or Minister at the Prime Minister’s Department, from time to time and/or any individuals or associations that are deem necessary.

The terms of reference were reiterated for the benefit of all who attended the meeting in order to ensure that the committee understands their respective roles. Alan Kirupakaran, governance officer to Senator Datuk Paul Low, in his presentation talked about the activities and initiatives to be undertaken by the Anti-Corruption Coalition for the Construction Industry. He also explained that the Construction Industry is the first industry to be addressed, but not the only one. JITU will eventually address other industries such as the pharmaceutical, health and SMEs.

The team from the Anti-Corruption & Ethics (ACE) Centre represented the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. ACE was introduced at the meeting and its objectives as a resource centre were highlighted. ACE also shared some industry findings relating to risk areas coupled with possible recommendation to overcome to the corruption problems in construction. These findings were a compilation of research and closed door events as well as discussion and advise from the Construction Industry, CIDB and Datuk Paul Low’s Office. These findings were presented at this meeting for industry validation. It was then suggested that as part of the action plan a workshop will be held following this meeting to validate, if not add on, or filter the top core risk areas that need to be looked at.

The presentation also recommended the Initiatives for Change and identified the goals, roles and responsibilities of the main players involved in the coalition.



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