The Operation Sector comprises of 4 divisions that serve as the main core to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. They are:

• Investigation Division
• Intelligence Division
Legal and Prosecution Division
• Records Management and Information Division

All the divisions play a vital role in driving the functions of the operation sector, among which are investigating, gathering information, provide forensic assistance, process and manage information as well as manage case trials. The Operation sector is placed under the portfolio of the Deputy Chief Commissioner (Operation). The roles of each Division are as follows.

The Investigation Division holds the most important role in the mission to eradicate corruption by conducting investigations. The role of the Division is allocated under Section 7 (a) and (b) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act (MACCA) 2009.

The Intelligence Division serves as the centre for information gathering, which is carried out through diverse sources and through various up-to-date methods and techniques.

The Legal and Prosecution Division is tasked with conducting case trials as well as appeals in court. Prosecution is made justly and fulfils the level of evidence required by the law. In addition, the Division also reviews Investigation Papers submitted by the Investigation Division for decisions on further actions, besides providing legal advice accordingly.

The Records Management and Information Division is responsible for receiving and processing information, coordinating and managing operation/tiered documents, processing applications for integrity vetting and document disposal as well as preparing statistics on MACC. In addition to this, the Division also provides technical support and consultation to users regarding issues in computer systems.


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