Sarcastic comments about the investigation on 1MDB-related RM2.6 billion funds are seen as undermining the credibility of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)’s investigation.

The barrage of a variety of information and opinions on social media has led to confusion about this issue among the public.

However, the head of Malaysia’s anti-corruption entity came forward to explain the concept of investigation and how the Check and Balance mechanism relate to this issue.

“Firstly, when a taskforce is established, we delegate duties to the respective agency involved in the taskforce. For example, The Central Bank is tasked with checking whether any violation of banking and police laws took place, while MACC is responsible for the RM2.6 billion channelled to the PM and SRC’s accounts”.

“The reason for the confusion is when the RM2.6 billion is linked to 1MDB when they are two separate matters”, stressed the Chief Commissioner of MACC, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed in an interview on MACC.FM

The Chief Commissioner hopes the public can understand the differences of the two investigations carried out by two different entities.

“We hope the public understands that we are focusing our investigation on the RM2.6b channelled into the PM’s account. Time and again we have stated that MACC is an institution responsible for investigating and gathering evidence, after which the result will be submitted to the Attorney-General”.

“We have presented the 2.6b case to the AG, and he has returned it to us for some clarifications and further action. Many are confused by this; actually, it is common practice for the investigation papers to be returned, and uncommon if otherwise. After the recommended actions are taken, we will re-submit it to the AG”, he said.

Tan Sri Abu Kassim did not deny that this misperception is a result of the public’s confusion over MACC’s jurisdiction and scope of work, which does not include prosecution, as widely assumed.

“We need to understand that this country implements the Commonwealth common law which implements the check and balance mechanism for a balanced administrative system in terms of investigation, indictment, and judiciary.”


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