GOES TRULY MALAYSIAN!, the nations only anti-corruption radio channel, will now reach out to Malaysians in the true Malaysian flavour by serving programmes in 4 major languages. The online radio streaming channel is MACC’s latest public communication tool in its mission to spread information and knowledge on anti-corruption to the 4 major communities – Malay, Chinese, Indian and English listeners. Special programmes in Mandarin and Tamil has since been presented by in-house officers since January 4. According to’s manager, Assistant Commissioner Samsul Salip, the full Malaysian approach is the basis to the set up of as a public information platform. He explained that this new public education initiative aims to enhance the effectiveness in disseminating anti-corruption messages to the public at large through interiews, talk shows, advertisements, songs and various in-house capsules. “We have been featuring various programmes in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and recently in Tamil since going live from December 9. “At present is in its trail broadcast and as such most programmes are being presented in Bahasa Malaysia while the Mandarin slots will be on air from Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 1pm. “Our English segment will be featured every Wednesday from 9am to 11am while the Tamil edition will go live every Thursday from 11am to 1pm” he added., coordinated by MACC’s Community Education Division under its Electronic Media branch, is an online radio streaming channel and can be heard (and viewed) on as well as via its free mobile applications available in Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store.


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