SHAH ALAM, February 3, 2013 – Raising the awareness on anti-corruption especially to the public at-large is ever more increasing. Falling on the need to instil the element of prevention through education, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) presence at the Karangkraf Carnival 2013 was aimed at reaching out to the public in spreading as well as increasing the awareness on the ills of corruption and moving towards anti-corruption and inculcating the principles of integrity.

The awareness came in the form of the MACC’s exhibition which also highlighted information on the MACC’s roles and functions apart from information on the ills of corruption and ways to combat corruption. The MACC exhibition, put on display for three days from February 1 – 3, attracted more than 2000 visitors during the carnival held at the the Karangkraf Media Group Complex in Shah Alam.

Visitors to the MACC exhibition were treated to information sharing sessions on the guidelines to reporting corruption, explanation on the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010, the history of the MACC as well as promotion of Friends of MACC (facebook and twitter) - the social media platform of the MACC. Visitors were also entertained by MACC officers in attending to various enquiries on current issues concerning anti-corruption such as its laws and guidelines, and also on the career pathway in the MACC.

In addition, various interactive activities such as quizzes, interactive games and colouring competition for children were also featured at the MACC booth to attract as well as disseminate important information on corruption prevention to visitors. Information was also provided via the distribution of flyers, pamphlets, souvenirs and publications such as its latest book on Frequently Asked Questions. The MACC’s booth was also graced by officials from Karangkraf’s top management as well as local celebrities who added colour and glamour in attracting visitors.



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