Kota Bharu, February 23 - Youth is an important group that should be inspired so they can impactful on anti-corruption efforts in the country.

In line with the efforts to increase support from youth towards corruption, spearheaded by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, a MACC programme with Kelantan Youth Leader was held today.

MACC Deputy Commissioner (Management and Professionalism), Dato' Haji Zakaria Bin Hj Jaffar stated that the role of youth leaders is vital in making them as opinion leaders.

"They can play their role in influencing the community to stick together to support MACC.

"This marks anti-corruption efforts a priority which can be worked on by this group," told him while speaking in MACC Propagation Programme with Kelantan Youth Leaders, at Kelantan MACC Office.

Briefing and Dialogue Sessions with Kelantan Youth Council was attended by the Youth Council leaders, who’re representing the state districts.

 Zakaria at the same time praised the efforts of the youths who’re willing to cooperate with the Commission in disseminating information on anti-corruption.

"Involvement from youth leaders is needed to circulate information and further explain to their peers about corruption offence and the consequences.

"Misunderstanding may arise between the youths and MACC on the basis of lack of familiarity between them and misleading perception from several parties. So such programmes are important to be held to provide information on MACC independence, transparency and professionalism in carrying out tasks besides holding integrity-oriented programmes to youths," he said.

Following the discussion, it was agreed a Youth Convention to be held jointly by MACC and Kelantan Youth Community.

It was also suggested that the latest information can be shared to attract youths to assist MACC in supporting anti-corruption efforts which are actively being undertaken by the Commission.


Also in this briefing and dialogue, a WhatsApp group of "MACC Youth Buddy" would be established to facilitate information sharing quickly and easily and fits well with young people who’re prone to social media.


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