Kota Kinabalu, March 19 - Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Sabah in cooperation with FRDM and IIM had organized Integrity Empowerment Forum. The program was attended by 450 participants from 71 agencies in Sabah state, including law enforcement agencies, local authorities and state agencies.

On this occasion three papers were presented by 3 guest panels. The first panel is Dr. Ramzah bin Dambul, Deputy Director of Centre for Strategic and Academic Management UMS. The presentation’s title was ‘The Role of Civil Servants in Empowering Integrity’. The second panel was YB Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd Salleh bin Tun Keruak President of United Sabah Bajau Organisation with his presentation’s title ‘Integrity Challenge in the Present’, and the third panel was Datuk Hj. Mustaffar bin Hj. Ali, MACC Deputy Commissioner (Prevention) with his presentation entitled ‘Corruption Enforcement and Prevention in Malaysia: Issues, Challenges and Effective Action Plan’.

The ceremony was officiated by YB Datuk Bolkiah bin Hj Ismail, representing YBhg Chief Minister of Sabah. Also present were Datuk SUP and State Financial Officer Datuk Yusuf Serangit. The highlight of this event was the signing of ‘Tinta Integriti’ as a manifestation of integrity commitment.

Also signing in the event were Datuk Bolkiah bin Hj Ismail, Datuk Wira Haji Wan Mohd Nor bin Haji Ibrahim, Director General of FRDM and Dato Hishamudin Sabah MACC Director. A press conference was also held once the program ended.


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