Putrajaya, April 25 – PUSPANITA Education Bureau in collaboration with MACC Community Education Division organized Student Motivation Programme which was held at the Multipurpose Hall, Level B2, Block D6, Complex D, Putrajaya. A total of 100 students of Form 3 and 5 who are children of MACC officers and staffs attended this programme.

The main goal of this programme was to shape students to have a great personality and discipline, mental and emotional strength to pass with flying colours in the exams, especially in PMR and SPM. In addition, the programme also aimed to develop students' trait and wisdom as a leader who will inherit the country leadership in the future.

The program began with a talk session entitled Students’ Role In Combating Corruption by the Superintendent Fariza Binti Omar. Participants were exposed to the corruption offence by the MACC Act 2009, causes and effects of corruption, preventive measures and students’ role in eradicating corruption.

The next session was continued with second slot entitled Integrity Students are Excellent Students. The session was conducted by a motivator Mr. Wan Noorasromei Bin Mohd Noor. In this session, participants were exposed with the characteristics of students with integrity as well as some games and quizzes to test their mind. The next session was a session of Smart Learning Catalyst to Excellence.

These sessions were aimed to increase student motivation thus raising awareness on their roles and responsibilities as children and students. Besides, they are inspired to have high spirit and determination in learning and be determined to be an excellent student and successful in the future.

The closing ceremony was completed by YBhg. Datin Seri Norzah Binti Ahmad, Deputy Chairman I of MACC PUSPANITA.