Taiping, June 22 - MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) Taiping was elected as the first college in Malaysia to take part in Anti-Corruption Hero Campaign at MRSM level.

The programme, entitled ‘Harmonious Society without Corruption - Anti-Corruption Hero (WAR)’ was held to introduce a more comprehensive WAR campaign which covers variety of school levels nationwide.
The main objective of the WAR campaign is to expose students to the MACC functions and roles, along with ways to report corruption and disseminate the message to others, especially their family members. In addition, this campaign has inculcated the students with culture of anti-corruption and integrity, thus being more responsible in developing the country with integrity and free from corruption. This one day programme began with anti-corruption activities, undertaken simultaneously to MRSM teachers, staffs as well as students. The corruption prevention programme which involved teachers was held at Learning Resource Centre, joined by 150 teachers and staffs. A talk entitled ‘Crime of Corruption and Prizes’ was presented by Deputy Director of MACC Perak, Assistant Commissioner Hamidah Binti Aziz. Meanwhile, the anti-corruption education programme involving 150 Form 4 students was handled by Assistant Commissioner Maznah Binti Che Muda, facilitated by Penmas officers of MACC Perak. The students were split into 10 groups and required to deliver a 10 minutes presentation according to their understanding on corruption for each group. Overall, the students managed to comprehend what it is corruption via performances, engagingly staged based on their creativity in front of three panel judges, led by Assistant Commissioner Hamidah binti Aziz. The prizes were presented by Mr. Abdul Latif Bin Osman, Chief of Integrity Unit of MARA. The programme was resumed with breaking fast session at the Main Hall of MRSM Taiping. While looking forward to break their fast, Mr. Abdul Latif Bin Osman delivered words of reminders to more than 150 invitees. In his speech he stated, "…with the programme such as this, it can give insights to students who are envisioned to lead the country about the adverse effects of corruption to the country’s administration system one day". Also present were Deputy Director of MACC Perak, SAC Mohamad Bin Hassan, representing the MACC Perak Director; the Principal of MRSM Taiping, Mr. Ahmad Sanusi Bin Hashim; Vice-Principal of Student Affairs (HEP), Mr Shauqi Bin Mohd Noor and officers of MACC Perak from Taiping and Telok Intan branches.


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