Keningau, Oct 10 – Education Branch, Community Education Division of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) managed to run Anti-Corruption Hero (WAR) programme in schools around Keningau in conjunction of “Youth Get Rid of Corruption, Boost National Unity” mission.

This WAR programme was held concurrently in 4 schools in collaboration of 120 members of Corruption Prevention Secretariat (SPR) and Rukun Negara Secretariat (SRN) from four Institutes of Teacher Education (IPG) around Sabah, that were IPG Keningau, IPG Kent, IPG Tawau and IPG Gaya.

Approximately 600 students from four schools; SMK Gunsanad 1, SMK Gunsanad 2, SMK Keningau 1 and SMK Keningau 2 participated in the half day programme.

Interestingly, besides of an introductory talk regarding anti-corruption, activities such as pentomen and sketch were held where the IPG students acted as facilitator.

On average the schools students were excited to take part in the programme, first time conducted in this district and there were some of them today just know what corruption is on today.

The teachers who’re involved in from the schools gave a positive response.

“The programme is really good and useful for the students here since it can benefit everyone in providing information and approaching the younger generation.

“Moreover this effort can assist the school students which comprise rural population to be aware of their role as well as understanding what is meant by corruption.

“In other words, the programme can disclose the today’s generation with the importance of integrity and their role in shaping the world of tomorrow, said Mazni and Kaza, SMK Gunsanad 1 warden teachers.

WAR mission to Keningau is another anti-corruption initiative from MACC via ongoing community education by putting emphasis more on youth and student groups.


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