Keningau, Oct 12 – 122 undergraduates from four branches of Teaching Education Institute in Sabah, as future teachers today pledged to play their role in educating the younger generation in stamping out corruption.

The effort was manifested in “Youth Hate Corruption, Enhance National Unity”Programme, held here on the last October 10.

The programme was co-organized by Institute of Teaching Education, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, National Unity Department and Sabah National Integration, conducted in Kg Kota Ayangan, Keningau, Sabah.

122 students from IPG Keningau, IPG Kent, IPG Gaya and IPG Tawau participated in the back-to-back programme.

Deputy Director of Community Education Division, Abdul Samat Kasah in his speech stated, looking at the current situation and progress, the future teachers especially the IPG students are important asset to be prompted in aiding ongoing anti-corruption efforts undertaken by MACC via education.

This is due to the survey by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on 2002 on youth, which revealed on the percentage of those who are willing to give and receive corruption.

“And today the group who were also the respondents when the survey was carried out, are those individuals in the job market today.

“That is why we target those in schools and IPT because they are the one who will be in the future job market.

“Hopefully the earlier exposure of the effects from corruption and the importance of integrity, the youth group will be more cautious when we jump into the career world because they tend to be influenced with luxurious lifestyle by intently committing to the risky debt, then being involved in corruption,” he stated.
Therefore, the teenagers are advised to be aware of their social circle and from corruption menace.

He added, MACC in its agenda to curtail corruption would not be realized on its own because the vision to combat corruption need to be done collectively.


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