Year 2020

No. Title of Presentation Event Date
 1. Challenges In Identifying Beneficial Owners In Corruption And Money Laundering Investigations Capacity Building Workshop on Exposing the Unseen Hands: Tackling Concealment of Beneficial Ownership ACT 03 2020S  19 - 20 October

Year 2019

No. Title of Presentation Event Date
 1. Symposium on Gender Mainstream and Women Empowerment to Fight Corruption APEC Meeting (Anti-Corruption Tranparency Working Group - ACTWG  26 February - 3 March
(Santiago, Chile)
 2.  1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) Scandal 7th Annual Meeting of the Economic Crime Agencies Network 5-6 March
(Auckland, New Zealand)
 3.  1MDB Scandals: The Journey of MACC 2019 GCTF-International Training Workshop on Anti-Corruption in Public Sector and Private Sectors 25-29 March
(Taipei, Taiwan)
 4.  Open-Ended Intergovermental Expert Meeting to Enhance International Cooperation Under the UNCAC 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) Scandal 31 May
(Vienna, Austria)

Year 2018

No.  Title of Presentation Event  Date
1. International Framework and Domestik Implementation: The Malaysian Experience/Story APEC ACT-NET 24 February 
(Papua New Guinea)
2. International Framework and Domestic Implementation: The Malaysian Experience/Story APEC 24 - 27 February
(Papua New Guinea)
3. Best Practice: "OPS Water in Sabah" Economic Crime Agencies Network (ECAN) 20-22 March
(Bali, Indonesia)
4. Tracing Assets and Money Laundering APEC 20-22 March
(Bangkok, Thailand)
5. Best Practices & Experience Sharing on Anti-Corruption: The South East Asia Aspect Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) 19 March
(Bangkok, Thailand)
6. Corruption in Advironmental Issue 14th Bilateral Meeting MACC & BMR, Brunei 11 - 14 May
7. Anti-Corruption Laws and Enforcement in Malaysia Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2018 21 - 22 June
8. Anti Corruption Initiative in Malaysia and Development on Implementing the UNCAC 27th Meeting of the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Experts Working Group (ACTWG) and 5th Meeting of the Anti-Corruption and Tranparency Network of Law Enforcement (ACTNET5) 5 - 9 August
(Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)
9. Asset Declaration In Malaysia First Resume Ninth Session of the Implementation Review Group (Prevention) & Ninth Meeting of the Open-Enden Intergovermental Working Group on The Prevention of Corruption 3 - 7 September
(Vienna, Austria)
10. MACC Problems on the Cross Border Crime 4th Bilateral & Working Group Meeting MACC and NACC, Thailand 19 - 20 September
(Phuket, Thailand)
11.  Corruption- Fisheries Crime UNODC - Expert Group Meeting 19 - 21 September
(Oslo, Norway)
12. Ucapan "High Level Statement" oleh YB Datuk V.K Liew 7th Session of the Assembly of Parties (AOP) to the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) 27 - 28 September
(Vienna, Austria)
  1. The Strategy and Experience of MACC Regarding Anti-Corruption Measures
  2. Effective Inteligence-Based Investigation Practices to
  3. Anti-Corruption Case Studies of Undercover Operations
Visiting Expert 21st UNCAC Training Programme 22 - 26 October
(Tokyo, Japan)
14. International Asset Recovery: Challenges & Practical Solution 4th Biennal Meeting of the International Corruption Hunters Alliance (ICHA): "Coalitions Againts Corruption" 25 - 26 October
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
15. Mobile Technology and Online Platforms for Reporting Corruption SEA-PAC Side Event "Applying Innovative Tools in the Fight Againts Corruption" 29 October
16. Fostering a Culture of Zero-Tolerence Towards Corruption Through Engagement and Partnership with Stakeholder 14th SEA-PAC Principal Meeting 29 - 31 October
17. Legal, Institutional Framework and Functions of MACC UNDP Anti-Corruption Global Programme for The High Level Government Delegation from Uzbekistan 26 November
18. The Latest Regional Trends in Corruption and Effective Countermeasures by Criminal Justice Authorities 12th Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast Asian Countries, Vietnam 27 - 29 November
(Danang, Vietnam)
19. Anti-Corruption Guideline for Business: from Voluntary to Mandatory International Business Integrity Conference (IBIC) 2018 4 - 5 December
(Jakarta, Indonesia)
20. The Roles of Civil Society in Preventing Corruption Anti-Corruption Conference 7 December
(Astana, Kazakhstan)

Year 2017

No. Title of Presentation Event Date
 1. MACC's Best Practices in Corruption Prevention Lawatan Kerja ke Anti-Corruption and Civil Right Commission  4-11 February
(South Korea)
 2.  Education System in Malaysia Expert Group Meeting on Secondary Education 13-15 February
(Vienna, Austria)
 3.  Roles of Social Organization and the Citizens in Anti Corruption 24th APEC ACTWG Meeting 18-20 February 
(Nha Trang,Vietnam)
 4.  Anti-Corruption Best Practices Lawatan Kerja ke Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Hong Kong 24 February 
(Hong Kong)
 5.  Anti-Corruption Best Practices Lawatan Kerja ke Commission Against Corruption (CAC) Macau 27 February 
(Macau, China)
 6. Sharing of Experience :"Ops El Nino" 5th Economic Crime Agency Network (ECAN) Annual Meeting  22-24 March
(London, UK)
 7. Roles and Functions of MACC Bilateral Meeting between MACC and European Union agency ( for Law Enforcement Cooperation) 25 March
(The Hague, Netherland)
 8. Roles and Functions of MACC Bilateral Meeting between MACC with Dutch Anti-Corruption Authority 26 April 
(Amsterdam, Netherland)
 9. Asset Tracing in MACC The ICAC International Seminar on Financial Investigation 9-10 May 
(Hong Kong)
 10. Anti Bribery and Corruption Laws in Malaysia 13th South East Asia Parties Against Corruption (SEA-PAC) Secretariat Meeting 11-12 May
(Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar)
 11. Society's Role in the Fight Against Corruption and Building Integrity 8th Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) 24-25 May
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
 12. Malaysia's Perspective on Stolen Asset Recovery 7th INTERPOL / Star Global Focal Point Annual Conference on Asset Recovery 6-9 June
(Ottawa, Canada)
 13. The Review Mechanism - The Malaysian's Experience on The Review Process 8th Session of Implementation Review Group and Intersessional Meeting 16-23 June
(Vienna, Austria)
 14. Anti Corruption Initiatives in Malaysia (Country Report) ACTWG- Progress & Development on Fight against Corruption in the Implementation of UNCAC & other Transparency & Anti Corruption Initiatives 18-22 August 
(Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
 15. Education In Schools And Universities on Anti-Corruption Working Group on Prevention: Panelists 21-23 August
(Vienna, Austria)
 16. Best Practices in Anti -Corruption : A Decade of Institutional and Practical Development in Southeast Asia UNAFEI- The 11th Regional Seminar on Good Governance for Southeast asian Countries 17-19 October
(Hanoi, Vietnam)
 17. Asset Recovery:The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Efforts 9th Regional Conference & 22nd Steering Group Meeting of the ADB/OECC Anti-Coruption Initiative for Asia & the Pacific 5-17 November
 18. Corruption in Fishery Sector : Issues & Proactive Action Regional Workshop on Identifying Risk of Economic Crime & Corruption in Fishery Sector 19-21 November
(Bangkok, Thailand)
 19. Country Paper Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission 13th Meeting of SEA-PAC Principals Meeting and Regional Workshop 27-29 November

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