The Record Management and Information Division consists of four Branches which are:

  1. Information Management

    To manage all information received through various sources efficiently and effectively in a transparent manner.
    To ensure the safe keeping of all classified documents and all record is kept up to date.
  2. Integrity Vetting

    To process and vet requests for promotion, early retirement, national/state award.
  3. Record Applications

    To manage and ensure the smooth functioning of MACC core operational record system.
    To provide statistic and data related to MACC operational activities.
  4. Information Technology Infrastructure

    To administer the implementation of ICT applications and ensure the security of MACC network is not compromise.




For any enquiries, contact the Division Liaison Officer or the Director:

No  Name  Phone  Email (
 1. Director  03-8870 0031 r1
2. SSupt. Harliza binti Muhammad Anil 03-8870 0630 harliza

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