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Excellence and Professionalism Division

Excellence and Professionalism Division commenced operations on August 1st, 2008. It serves to enforce any form of directives, circulars, regulations and laws related to the conduct and discipline of MACC’s staff. In addition, the division is also responsible for performing outreach program to raise the level of professionalism and integrity of the MACC’s staff.

The Division has an organizational structure as follows:


For any enquiries, please contact the following Liaison Officer or the Director of Division:

Bil  Nama  No Telefon  Emel (
 1. Director  03-8891 1777 p1
 2. AC Ayob bin Abdul Majid 03-8891 1777 ayoba
 3. AC Haiyu Syahida binti Zakaria 03-8891 1778 haiyusy