A political party has raised questions about the details upon my uniform as Chief Commissioner, which I clarify below.

Firstly, the bar ribbon that was pinned on me are based on the Standing Order of the MACC Chief Commissioner, Chapter A (Policy) No 1 of 2012 which directs that a Chief Commissioner by virtue of his/ her position is to wear a certain number of bar ribbons. Although essentially correct and acceptable, there were some minor discrepancies in the bar ribbons which have since been rectified.

Secondly, I did not wear any medals( pingat) as suggested by some quarters. The bar ribbons must not be confused with medals or honorary titles awarded from the palaces, whether at the Federal nor State levels.

The other details on my uniform are the 'rank badges' which I must wear as Chief Commissioner, and based upon the standing order.

I thank those who have commented for the great interest they have shown in my uniform.

I frankly admit I am only now learning about rank badges, bar ribbons and uniforms. My immediate priority since taking office has been about several grave corruption cases , and not the details of my uniform.


29 JUNE 2019


MACC Chief Commissioner Media Statement -Bar Ribbons

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