KELANTAN, 1 Dis - MACC Kelantan writes history as it brought its anti-corruption message at the international level for the first time via the 4 x 4 Challenge programme, Malaysia Rainforest Challenge (RFC '19).

RFC is the 10th most extreme vehicle sports in the world. 450 participants from 30 countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, China, Russia, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka convened for this challenge, which also included local as well as international media representatives. The challenge was to brave through the 4x4 in a dense tropical forest in Malaysia during the monsoon season. 

The collaboration between MACC Kelantan and the RFC programme is in conjunction with the International Anti-Corruption Day to be celebrated in 9th December, to spread anti-corruption messages through this programme. MACC Kelantan was given the honours to display anti-corruption messages on the body of a Penzgauer truck, a six-wheeled off-road vehicle.  

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